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As one of the leading clothing manufacturers dedicated to the fashion, workwear and promotional apparel, Sher is the perfect partner for your business.

Sher is based in Centrion, South Africa. We manufacture clothing for all types of businesses and organisations including the government, fashion brands and private organisations.

Our employees are constantly working to handle national and international orders. Moreover, an efficient sampling department, experienced workers, strict quality control, trimming and packing departments are our advantages.

Our factory emphasises on high quality standard with competitive prices as we insist on the use of quality assurance process that includes measurable standards in the line and final inspections to meet the evolving requirements of our market. We fully comply with all the requirements of our clients, which is a decisive factor in our customer service approach.

Our extensive experience allows us to understand customers’ expectation of superb quality and timely delivery. 

We ensure that our employees are fully qualified to fulfil their assigned tasks, and are periodically trained for quality control to meet customers’ highest expectations.

For more information of our available products, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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